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Jerry Wilk, Massage Therapist & Co-Owner of Orenco Massage Studio

Jerry Wilk, Massage Therapist & Co-Owner of Orenco Massage Studio

Jerry Wilk, LMT#14645:  Hillsboro and Beaverton Area Massage Therapist

Jerry Wilk is a massage therapist and co-owner of Orenco Massage Studio.  He possesses several years of experience as a licensed massage therapist. Jerry actually started off his career as an accountant and stumbled upon the massage field by happenstance. While Jerry was working in the financial industry, he had headaches on an almost daily-basis. One of Jerry’s friends told him that massage was a great way to alleviate headaches. Taking his friend’s advice, he scheduled a massage appointment with a massage therapist. To Jerry’s surprise, after the massage, his headache went away. Jerry has been an advocate of massage ever since.

After Jerry experienced the positive healthful effects of massage first hand, Jerry was eager to help other people decrease their pain. He decided to enroll at the Ashmead School of Massage (now Everest College). While in school, he learned various massage techniques and made some incredible friends. Jerry graduated from massage school in 2001. He has spent the last 13 years working  as massage therapist.  Jerry is a licensed massage therapist in both Oregon (LMT#14645) and Washington (MA#00016097).  Jerry also holds an MBA degree from Willamette University.

He currently lives and has opened his own massage practice in the Orenco Station and Tanasbourne area.  Jerry enjoys interacting with his massage clients and appreciates helping them ease their discomfort.

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